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DJ's is interested in expanding our sales/distribution areas. If you are a wholesale distributor interested in expanding your product line or you have a retail business and would be interested in selling our products, please CLICK HERE for additional information.

DJ's currently manufactures and distributes boudian throughout Texas and Louisiana. The type of retail account varies. Listed below are some of the accounts that purchase and resale our products.


Our distributors include: Beasley Sausage Co., Ben E Keith Houston, Ben E Keith San Antonio, Ben E Keith Dallas/FT. Worth, Church Point Wholesale Grocery, D & M Food Service, Deans Meat Service, Jake’s Finer Foods, G & J Land and Marine, JM Foods, Johnny B Foods, Glazier Food Co, Harrison & Co., Premium Foods, Ruffino Meat Service, Sysco, Texas Bakery Supply, US Foods Dallas/Ft. Worth, US Foods, Houston, and William George. Boudain is cooked meat product and requires refrigeration at all times.

Retail Grocers

Today DJ's Boudain, Inc. is among the top sales throughout our service area.

Convenience Stores & Deli's

DJ's Boudain and Boudain Balls are used in delis, and complement almost any type of fast food sales.

Civic Groups

Many groups use DJ's Boudain as find-raisers. Some of these are VFW, Vietnam Veterans, American Legion Posts and many different churches. From bingo halls to church suppers, DJ's Boudain is there.

Caterers & Festival Vendors

DJ's Boudain is the choice of most caterers and vendors in this area due to our quality. The next time you are at a festival and see boudain or boudain balls, ask if this is DJ's Boudain, and chances are the answer will be "Yes".


Boudain is getting more popular each day in restaurants and clubs. Our Food Service Accounts are growing mostly thru our distributors and warehouses. As we do not get a list of their accounts we can only watch their orders.


Grocers, Meat and Food Service Warehouses

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