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"DJ's boudain is a regular staple in our house, just like bread and butter. We don't live in the Beaumont area, so every time we visit family there, we stock up. You can never have enough DJ's."
J. Harris | Porter, Texas

"...the best I've ever had, and I grew up in Gueydan, Louisiana. I KNOW good boudin, and this is it!"
J. Campbell | Nederland, TX

"DJ's boudin is the best I've ever eaten. I've had it for dinner, lunch, bbq, midnight snacks and even on my scrambled eggs w/ Tabasco in the morning."
Eric L. | Beaumont, Texas

“DJ's Boudain is so good on the grill or in stuffed pork chops. I grew up eating DJ's boudin in Southeast Texas & it's still a favorite now that I've moved away.”
D. Blount | Schertz, Texas, 2014

“This boudin tastes great. It's the ONLY boudin I buy. Even my little daughter enjoys eating it, and we all know how tough it is to find something that kids like as much as the adults…”
Steve B. | Port Neches, Texas

"I used to grab whatever at the grocery store for boudin, but now I go specifically for DJ's. It's got the right consistency and spicy flavor that's not too hot, but still zesty. I always have a plate of DJ's Boudain with my bowl of seafood gumbo. Perfect compliment to my gumbo..."
Aaron C. | Port Neches, Texas

"I can't say that DJ's Boudain will cure depression...,but I can't say that it won't prevent it. It's happiness in a delectable casing filled with freshness, spices and powerful green peppers. How do you not love that and become infiltrated with intense joy and enthusiasm? They say laughter is the best medicine. That's ridiculous. Laughter doesn't taste like DJ's jalapeno boudain on a summer day, hot off the grill with a shot of Gulden's mustard and a Ritz cracker. Top it off with an American flag blowing in the wind and seeing a hawk swoop down to take out a possum while Willie Nelson plays in the background. Come on, son. That's the cure for depression AND hunger. I scoff at medicine. In fact, I look forward to the next time I get a splinter or scrape my knee; I'll just cook up some DJ's jalapeno boudain and heal the wound with one savory bite after another. I love my kids, my country, and DJ's boudain. And some other things, too, but all this typing has made me hungry."
Lance L. | Lumberton, Texas

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