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If you like things with a little extra kick, a little fire and a little spice, you’ve come to the right page. Click around on our selection of Jalapeno flavored boudin. Try our original jalapeno or our smoked jalapeno. You can’t go wrong with either one for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack or side. We recommend a dipping sauce like bbq sauce or mustard to cool things off after that fourth or fifth bite, but do yourself a favor and keep an icy cool beverage nearby just in case. It’s a favorite of ours and we hope it’s a favorite of yours soon. Shop around and enjoy.

Jalapeno Boudain | Case = 10 16oz Pkgs
Price: $35.80
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DJ’s boudain with jalapeno is one of our favorites at the home office. Most of our employees grew up around the swamps and bayous of Texas and Louisiana’s gulf coast, so the creole and Cajun gene runs strong; therefore, most of us like a little heat added to our cuisine. This boudain with jalapeno has just that – not too much to burn out the flavor, just enough to make it hot and enhance every bite. The boudin links have a muted, white tan color with lots of specks of to make all the magical...

Jalapeno Boudain | Case = 20 12oz Pkgs
Price: $53.70
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 30402 -

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