Jalapeno Boudain | Case = 10 16oz Pkgs

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DJ’s original boudain links have a zesty flavor. But if you want something hot, THIS is the boudain for you. We kicked it up a notch with the addition of jalapeno that will leave your taste buds hoppin’.

The jalapeno taste brings out a wilde side of DJ’s Boudain that you’ll love bite after bite after bite for lunch, dinner or more. Don’t worry - it’s not red alarm kind of heat, but it does have a certain kick that fans of Cajun or Southwest cooking would tip their cap to because it is designed to bring out the best in flavor. Other brands may want to burn your tongue just for fun, but with this jalapeno boudin from DJ’s – it’s all about taste

  • 2 or 6 or more Boudain links are vacuum-sealed for freshness
  • Jalapeno flavor for a little heat of DJ’s flavor
  • Some call it hot boudin, some call it hot boudain. You may call it your favorite.
  • Keep refrigerated or frozen, and keep napkins handy
Price: $35.80  per case
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    DJ’s boudain with jalapeno is one of our favorites at the home office. Most of our employees grew up around the swamps and bayous of Texas and Louisiana’s gulf coast, so the creole and Cajun gene runs strong; therefore, most of us like a little heat added to our cuisine. This boudain with jalapeno has just that – not too much to burn out the flavor, just enough to make it hot and enhance every bite. The boudin links have a muted, white tan color with lots of specks of to make all the magical blend of flavors. Look for the solid consistency, the medium thickness and the slow, steady bend in the shape like that of a hot link and you’ll see the difference in quality and freshness when compared to other boudin. Grill DJ’s Jalapeno Boudain links like you would a hot link or sausage. Place it on the grill with a little olive oil or vegetable oil to prevent sticking, or slather some of your favorite barbeque sauce on it. Let it cook for a few minutes on medium to high heat, then rotate for even, balanced cooking. Wrap it up in a tortilla, in a bun or throw the forks away and dig in. A shot of mustard can’t hurt to cool things off if you are so tempted from the aroma that you just can’t wait the standard few minutes after grilling.
    Our boudin is U.S. inspected and passed by the Department of Agriculture. Our net weight for the 2-link package is 16 oz. Keep refrigerated or frozen. Please look for the sell or freeze-by date on the package label. Keep raw meats and poultry separate from other foods, wash working surfaces (including cutting boards) utensils, and hands after touching raw meat or poultry. Cook thoroughly. Keep hot foods hot, refrigerate leftovers immediately or discard.

    Calories per serving: 110. Calories from fat: 50. Calories from Saturated Fat: 10.

    See other nutritional facts on the DJ’s label or contact us for details.

    Jalapeno Boudin is a delicacy for boudin lovers everywhere. If you love a good pork sausage or jalapeno-infused cooking, you’re going to love it. Try it on crackers, chips or just dive in as if it were a hot link. A lot of folks tell us this is their choice for stuffing kolaches or croissants for a unique breakfast sandwich. Mix this in with eggs for an omelet or breakfast tortilla with chorizo. The blend of spices, flavors and cultures are beautiful and delicious.
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