Original Boudain | Case = 5 48oz Pkgs

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Our signature fresh boudain links, made with succulent cooked rice and pork with bright green onions and seasoning, has the delicious flavor unlike any other boudin. The seasoned links make the most of a meal on the grill, stovetop or more.

This boudain is the family recipe, birthed from Southwest Louisiana and perfected and approved in Southeast Texas over decades, for which DJ’s was founded upon. DJ’s Boudain looks like and feels like a pork sausage link with its thin casing and long, arc shape. It even pairs deliciously with sausage links, hot dogs, and barbecue; or this can stand alone for a meal on the grill, stovetop or microwave. The color is a soft, muted pearl-white hue with exciting specks of colors mixed in. Look for the vivid green (onions) specks!

  • Boudain links are vacuum-packaged in different sizes & quantities
  • Signature flavor of DJ’s boudain; zesty taste, but not hot
  • Some call it boudin, some call it boudain. Some call it Cajun Caviar…
  • Keep refrigerated or frozen. A Go Texan product
Price: $55.50  per case
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    DJ’s Boudain is the product of time, tradition and terrific taste between the bayous of Louisiana and Texas. Our recipe is what started our company, and this is THE boudain we set out to make. Our boudain makes a full meal by itself, but you can also have it for a quick and easy snack, an appetizer or a side dish.

    The boudin links have a muted, appealing color with little specks of our green peppers that make all the difference. Look for the solid consistency, the medium thickness (for good, overall handling and balanced cooking) and the slight bend in the shape like that of a southern bbq pork sausage and you’ll see the difference in quality and freshness when compared to other boudin.

    Cooking DJ’s boudain is an easy and delectable joy that doesn’t take much time at all. Grill DJ’s boudain links like you would a pork sausage. Place it on the grill with a little olive oil or vegetable oil to prevent sticking, or do it up big like Texas bbq and slather some of your favorite barbecue sauce on it. Let it cook for a few minutes on medium to high heat, then rotate. Within 10 minutes (depending on how crispy and charred you like it), you’ll be ready to enjoy it in a bun, with a fork or with nothing at all. Or sear it in a pan on the stovetop at medium to high heat. Turn it to make sure all sides get some warm love! Zap it in the microwave for a couple of minutes for a simple lunch or snack. A shot of mustard, some salty crackers or chips – you’re in for something special!

    Our boudin is U.S. inspected and passed by the Department of Agriculture. Our net weight for the 2-link package is 16 oz. Keep refrigerated or frozen. Please look for the sell or freeze-by date on the package label. Keep raw meats and poultry separate from other foods, wash working surfaces (including cutting boards) utensils, and hands after touching raw meat or poultry. Cook thoroughly. Keep hot foods hot, refrigerate leftovers immediately or discard. If you’ve tasted our boudain before, chances are that there will be little discard aside from napkins!

    Calories per serving: 110. Calories from fat: 50. Calories from Saturated Fat: 10.

    See other nutritional facts on the DJ’s label or contact us for details.

    Sausage and boudain are terrific together, but it also pairs well with anything – a side dish for gumbo, seafood, burgers, buffalo wings, and more. Boudin is a southern, Cajun meal that is truly a regional delicacy. Our original recipe is here for you, ready to pack up and ship to wherever you may be and wherever a good meal is yet to be had.

    Try our boudin like a hot link in a bun. Or slice it up and enjoy it with crackers, some Tabasco and mustard. Or the most popular way, use both hands: One hand for holding and lightly squeezing pressure on the casing to enjoy bite by bite, and the other hand for fending off the passers by who can’t help but be drawn to that intoxicating, appetizing aroma of the original, fresh, one-of-a-kind DJ’s Boudain. Let’s eat!

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