Rice Dressing | Case = 5 32oz Pkgs

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DJ's Rice Dressing is the perfect fit for any dish. It is our boudain free from its shell (casing). It is great for stuffing anything you can imagine from the main course to the side dishes. .

This rice dressing is a versatile meal or side dish or stuffing. We have heard tales of it being used from anything like a turkey to a cabbage roll. What you do with it will always be something we would love to hear about. Post your own to our recipe page because we haven't heard all of them yet, if you haven't seen it on our site post it.

  • Can be used for anything from dips to sides
  • Our great flavor but used for your ideas
  • Great for anything from a hen to a you tell us
  • Keep refrigerated or frozen until use… if it lasts that long...
Price: $35.80  per case
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    Our Rice Dressing, like all of DJ's products, is tasty and delicious. A turkey or pork loin stuffed with our rice dressing and slow cooked makes a great entree. If you are looking for a side dish it can be used to compliment any dish you serve. Our rice dressing can also take the spotlight if you use it for something new (please post to our recipe page if you do).

    • Our Rice Dressing comes in a 1.5lb. pack, great for use as a side dish.
    • Our Rice Dressing also comes in a 2lb. pack used more for party dips or stuffing.

    From breakfast to dinner our rice dressing is used for any occasion. Eggs and boudain has become the new experiment, everything from kolaches to omelets to burritos. If you have anything newer or anything that is not posted yet please post it to either our recipe page or to our Facebook page so we can all share in the wonderful flavors you come up with.

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