Smoked Boudain | Case = 10 16oz pkgs

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Smoked boudin is a party in a meal. The smoky and savory taste, the deep and captivating aroma, the full-bodied flavor and ultimate barbecue experience... DJ's Smoked Boudain links, made with tender, cooked rice and pork with parsley, onions, green peppers, and our signature seasoning, has the wonderful flavor of DJ's but with a smoky BBQ bite.

This smoked boudain has the look and shape of our original flavor, but a little darker tones and a very iconic smoky flavor that can only be the result of authentic, slowly smoked boudin. No filler, no fluff, no extras or add-ons; purely smoked to perfection to make any southern BBQ lover proud. The links are not spicy hot, but they have our quality freshness and ingredients that has made the name DJ's synonymous with boudin.

  • DJ's boudain is sealed in our air-tight plastic package, stacked strong with 6 links
  • SMOKED boudain the right way: no extras or fluff
  • Some call it boudin, some call it boudain. We call this our ultimate BBQ Boudain
  • Keep refrigerated or frozen. Keep plenty on hand because the aroma invites friends!
  • Our boudain is a Go Texan product. So try eating it while wearing a cowboy hat.
Price: $38.10  per case
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    DJ’s Boudain has long been an established Southeast TX and Southwest Louisiana staple in kitchens of families with great tastes. With the popularity of bbq and smoked sausages, it was only natural for DJ’s Boudain to hit the smoke and hit the bbq pits.

    This boudain is much like a pork sausage in that it is encased, has a long shape with a broad bend, and tastes amazing when slathered with barbecue sauce and side of potato salad. Try this with your bbq chicken, steaks and other favorites alongside your sausage hot links.

    If grilling’s not your thing, you’re in luck. With DJ’s SMOKED Boudain, we bring the bbq pit to you! Bite by bite, you’ll enjoy all the exciting aromas, the textures, the juicy tastes and all just by heating up this DJ’s smoked link in a pan on the stove or on a plate in the microwave. Throw in some chips or crackers, a sip of bubbly root beer or sarsaparilla, and enjoy the best of smoked barbeque.

    Our boudin is U.S. inspected and passed by the Department of Agriculture. Our net weight for the 2-link package is 16 oz. Keep refrigerated or frozen. Please look for the sell or freeze-by date on the package label. Keep raw meats and poultry separate from other foods, wash working surfaces (including cutting boards) utensils, and hands after touching raw meat or poultry. Cook thoroughly. Keep hot foods hot, refrigerate leftovers immediately or discard. If you’ve tasted our boudain before, chances are that there will be little discard aside from napkins!

    Calories per serving: 110. Calories from fat: 50. Calories from Saturated Fat: 10.

    See other nutritional facts on the DJ’s label or contact us for details.

    Boudin has Acadian, French (Cajun) roots, but with this smoked boudain, you’re sure to enjoy the best of both food genres. Share it with friends, family, or send a box to your oldest enemy to make up and be friends. Online you can click the link, with DJ’s you can eat the link. Make it yours, make it special, make it easy with DJ’s Boudain. You’ll never look at smoked sausage the same way after a bite of DJ’s boudain!

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