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Tex Mex Meets Boudain

by on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Looking for something extra spicy and unique? Look no further than two local flavor favorites - Tex Mex and Boudain.  The Cajun culture of cuisine draws quite the parallels of Tex Mex. Both make use of spicy cayenne pepper, onions and tomatoes, and both are famously inclusive as they often combine a mix of meats and vegetables to create magnificent meals.DJ's Boudain and Rice Dressing are as universal and versatile as you'll find for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So merging this with the... READ MORE

Boudain Makes Breakfast Better

by on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Get creative with your breakfast with DJ's Boudain. Kolaches have long been the answer for adding boudin to your morning meals, but with DJ's Boudain and Rice Dressing you'll find that versatility is the key word. It's great with biscuits, croissants, and others stuffed in or as a decadent side and compliment. It does not end there, though. As savvy DJ's Boudain lovers will tell you, it makes a great addition to eggs. Scrambled eggs - just add a dollop of our rice dressing or a half of a link... READ MORE

Boudain Dip with DJ's Boudain

by on Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Boudain dip is extremely popular at parties, weddings and family reunions. Mix DJ's Rice Dressing with Tostito's Chile con queso, microwave and serve with tortilla chips and you will wonder how you ever entertained without this dish! For a cold dip just add cream cheese and sour cream with DJ's Rice dressing and serve with crackers. Dip with crackers, chips, bread, crostini, zucchini or celery, or a sturdy, pointed index finger :)... READ MORE

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